Learning to Code should
not be limited by gender, race or nationality.

.Tech Domains is launching #MyStartInTech, a campaign to increase access to computer science for young women and students from marginalized communities.

We will be donating 100%* of sales proceeds to Code.org® until 5th July to support this cause. Now it’s your turn.

We believe that every student should get equal access to computer science.

Why is it important to us?

  • 73% of the world’s countries are either only piloting computer science in school or doing nothing at all.
  • Only 47% of public high schools** teach a computer science class.
  • Only 31% of total students** that took the AP computer science exam were female students.
  • 22% of all students** that took the AP computer science exam were from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.

Tech is the future & computer science needs to be accessible to all. More diversity in schools today will reflect in the tech workforce tomorrow.

Our Supporters and Partners:

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Your support to #MyStartInTech
can help others get their start in tech.

Support with a .Tech Domain Name

Get a .Tech Domain Name for your personal website, startup or any other professional pursuit and we will donate 100%* of the proceeds to Code.org®.

Raise Awareness About This Cause

Inspire change with your voice in support of bridging the gap in computer science; and we will donate $5000 to Code.org®.

Our Supporters and Partners:

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This campaign has been made possible by the kind support of our partners who believe in this cause as much as you do.